Friday, March 9, 2012

How To Apply Liquid Splash On After Shave

Liquid Splash-On After Shave is perfect for summer use and an excellent finish to your morning shaving experience.
To Awaken and Refresh your face, apply an After Shave Splash on Lotion such as Captain's Choice Bay Rum, or Proraso Green.
After shaving with your shaving implement du jour: Straight, Safety, Cartridge, or Electric Razor....
 To Apply:
*Rinse face with cold water
*Pat face dry or allow to air dry
*Shake bottle to mix ingredients thoroughly
*Remove cap

Method 1 (my personal favorite): Perform the Flip, Drip, Flip, Method of dispensing: Place your palm over the opening, flip the bottle upside down, then flip the bottle right side up, and the liquid that pours out is usually the right amount every time.

Method 2: Place finger or thumb over opening and sprinkle a few droplets into your palm.

*Rub product together in palms
*Apply to freshly shaved dry face
*Allow to air dry

Now You're Ready To Handle Anything The Day Has To Offer!


  1. I usually place my palm over the opening flip the bottle upside then flip the bottle right side up and the liquid that pours out is usually the right amount every time. A little does go a long way and too much can choke your wife out of a nice kiss in the morning.

  2. Steven,
    Thanks for this fine tip. I've actually tried the flip, drip, flip, method when applying after shave lotion, and had great success with it!

  3. After applying the Proraso Alcohol Free After Shave Balm I purchased from you, my face is a little 'grabby.' It's not smooth to the touch. So I like to use a light dusting of talcum powder to smooth my face to the touch. I put a little talc in the palm of my hand, and use an old badger shaving brush to dust it all over my face and neck. Just dab the brush in the talc and then brush it on as if you were applying cream to your face - just using lighter strokes. This leaves my face silky smooth to the touch. My hands just glides over it. And underneath the talc, the Proraso Balm is still doing its job protecting my face. Any specialized talc, meant for shaving, that you can suggest, or I can purchase from you? Thanks for the informative site and great products. You're always the first in my list when I need to buy shaving supplies.

  4. Thanks for the great tip, and I see that you've already found and ordered the Borotalco Talcum Powder at the website!

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  6. Great tip. Surely apply both of them and will find out which one is best for me. This will surely complete my ultimate shave .

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