Monday, January 2, 2012

Steamy Bathrooms and Shaving Equipment Storage

Q: Geo, sorry to bug you on here but I have looked all over your blogs and watched the vids and can't find an answer to this one. Our bathroom is smaller and has no fan so it's pretty steamy in there during/right after a shower. Is this going to affect my straight razor or my DE blades? Should I not leave my strop hanging in there?
 A:  The best place to store your Straight Razors is in your sock drawer.... Away from the moisture that can easily accumulate in the bathroom (if you have no exhaust fan) and damage the finish on them. As far as the location of your Strops, I leave my strops in the bathroom (attached to a shelf) and have never had any problems with them.... You can apply some Strop Dressing to them to condition and protect them if you wish to keep them soft and pliable. As far as DE Blades, most are coated with teflon or some other protective finish that will keep them from rusting in the short term.


  1. How about brushes in a steamy bathroom? I also shower/shave in a small bathroom with no exhaust fan and notice a mist on everything when I'm done: razor, brush, and soap.

  2. I recently inherited a 120 year old straight razor, which has a few small spots of rust on the non-cutting surfaces. Is there anything that I can do to arrest its progression? I do want to use this to begin straight shaving.