Friday, April 29, 2011

How Many Shaves Can I Expect to Get From a DE Double Edge Safety Razor Blade?

This will vary among individual shavers based on the brand of blade used, an individual's beard growth and beard prep, tenacity of whiskers, and amount of "passes performed during each shave". A "rule of thumb" so to speak, is that you can expect to get between 4 and 7 shaves from each new, quality DE razor blade. Keep in mind, YMMV, Your Mileage may Vary!
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Should I Perform a Final "Against The Grain Pass" to Achieve the Ultimate Closeness in My Shave?

While the final "against the grain" pass will usually provide the closest shave, even veteran shavers may occasionally experience irritation as a result of this final pass.
An alternative is to perform a final "across the grain pass" in the opposite direction as the previous "across the grain pass." 
This is an alternative method of achieving the closest shave possible while keeping skin irritation to a minimum. 
The performance of a final against the grain pass can still be performed occasionally when an extra close shave is desired.
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Can I Expect to Remove My Entire Beard In Just One "Pass?"

The goal in wet shaving is to perform several passes to completely remove beard growth and obtain a BSS "Baby Smooth Shave".
The amount of "passes" required will vary upon the individual.
The procedure should be thought of as "progressive beard reduction," which is accomplished during each "pass" resulting in a certain amount of beard growth or whiskers being removed with each pass until you are completely satisfied with the quality and closeness of your shave. 
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Why Do I Need a Shaving Brush To Apply My Lather?

A quality shaving brush will actually absorb and hold warm water that, when mixed properly with a quality shaving cream, or soap, and applied in a circular and/or against the grain motion, will properly hydrate, and exfoliate your skin substantially, thus, preparing your beard for the super-sharp safety razor blade that follows.

Can I Use Shaving Cream From a Can?

Shaving creams and gels from a can contain propellants such as propane, and do not provide the essential lubricating qualities necessary to properly protect your skin and prepare your beard for a safety or straight razor shave.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Tips for Beginner (and veteran) Safety Razor Shavers

The proper angle for safety Razor Shaving is approximately 30 degrees which, is not an exact science...
Start by gently applying the blade and then angling it, then begin your shaving stroke until you can feel the whiskers being sliced off cleanly and effortlessly. You will actually be able to hear the sound of the whiskers being removed if done properly... Implement a locked wrist method to move the razor up and down, rather than bending at the wrist.  Take short strokes if you are attacking heavy beard growth, longer strokes for lighter growth. With a bit of practice your muscle-memory will kick in, and the proper angle for you and your razor will become second nature to you. If you are using a quality Safety Razor, the weight of the razor alone against your face will be sufficient to remove the whiskers without irritating the skin below. The proper angle is something that is acquired and perfected through practice. Be patient and you will have this technique mastered in no time!