Monday, June 1, 2015

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Friday, March 9, 2012

How To Apply Liquid Splash On After Shave

Liquid Splash-On After Shave is perfect for summer use and an excellent finish to your morning shaving experience.
To Awaken and Refresh your face, apply an After Shave Splash on Lotion such as Captain's Choice Bay Rum, or Proraso Green.
After shaving with your shaving implement du jour: Straight, Safety, Cartridge, or Electric Razor....
 To Apply:
*Rinse face with cold water
*Pat face dry or allow to air dry
*Shake bottle to mix ingredients thoroughly
*Remove cap

Method 1 (my personal favorite): Perform the Flip, Drip, Flip, Method of dispensing: Place your palm over the opening, flip the bottle upside down, then flip the bottle right side up, and the liquid that pours out is usually the right amount every time.

Method 2: Place finger or thumb over opening and sprinkle a few droplets into your palm.

*Rub product together in palms
*Apply to freshly shaved dry face
*Allow to air dry

Now You're Ready To Handle Anything The Day Has To Offer!

Monday, January 2, 2012

Steamy Bathrooms and Shaving Equipment Storage

Q: Geo, sorry to bug you on here but I have looked all over your blogs and watched the vids and can't find an answer to this one. Our bathroom is smaller and has no fan so it's pretty steamy in there during/right after a shower. Is this going to affect my straight razor or my DE blades? Should I not leave my strop hanging in there?
 A:  The best place to store your Straight Razors is in your sock drawer.... Away from the moisture that can easily accumulate in the bathroom (if you have no exhaust fan) and damage the finish on them. As far as the location of your Strops, I leave my strops in the bathroom (attached to a shelf) and have never had any problems with them.... You can apply some Strop Dressing to them to condition and protect them if you wish to keep them soft and pliable. As far as DE Blades, most are coated with teflon or some other protective finish that will keep them from rusting in the short term.

Is My Straight Razor Sharp Enough to Shave With?

Q: Geo, thanks for all the great videos. I recently bought a new Dovo 5/8 carbon blade straight razor and paid the extra to have it retailer honed. I was surprised to find it dull as it dragged across my face the first time I used it. It also failed the hair test when you drop a long hair over the blade to see if it will cut it. I read that super sharp blades can drag if too much pressure is applied or the wrong angle is used. But the fact it wouldn't snip a piece of hair dropped over the blade leads me to believe it's dull. Should I take it to get sharpened again or is there something about a new straight razor I don't know? Thank you. 
A: If it doesn't pass the HHT/Hanging Hair Test, it may not be sharp enough to easily remove whiskers from your face. I test my straight razors by shaving the hair from the inside of my forearm, not at the base of the hair where it meets the skin, but midway on the hair shaft. If it removes those hairs 1/2 way easily, then it should be shave ready for your face. 
Keep in mind that your beard/face prep must be spot-on as well because it's much easier to remove properly hydrated and lubricated whiskers than improperly prepared whiskers. 
I like owning a Feather replaceable blade Straight and Japanese style razor not only because they are excellent in design and shave provided, but also because of the fact that I use the Feather Professional Blade as a standard as which to judge the sharpness of my traditional style Straight razors. The Feather blades (right out of the blade dispenser) will remove the forearm hair at the midway point with no problem whatsoever. The ultimate test is always how it performs when you apply it to your face.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Q: Just wondering is there any difference between Derby, Shark, or Big Ben DE Safety Razor Blades?

A: Different safety razor blades will provide different shaving results for the individual using them. For that reason it's recommended that you try a blade sampler pack so that you can "Test Drive" various blades until you land on a blade that provides  a satisfactory shave for you.
Keep in mind that a blade that works well for someone else may not be the cat's meow for you,  and vice versa.
The blades you mentioned Derby, Shark, and Big Ben, are generally considered to be smooth and mild.
By the way, a good rule of thumb is this: You should be able to accomplish between 4 and 6 shaves with any one of those blades.
YMMV: Your mileage may vary based on your beard type, shave prep, and shaving technique.