Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Edwin Jagger DE89811 Octagonal Chrome Safety Razor Edwin Jagger England Chrome Safety Razor Double Edge Octagonal DE89811 [ED/JAG/DE89811/OCT/CHROME/RAZOR] - $42.00 : Shave Nation - Shaving Supplies

Edwin Jagger DE89811 Octagonal Chrome Safety Razor Edwin Jagger England Chrome Safety Razor Double Edge Octagonal DE89811 [ED/JAG/DE89811/OCT/CHROME/RAZOR] - $42.00 : Shave Nation - Shaving Supplies

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Q: Just wondering is there any difference between Derby, Shark, or Big Ben DE Safety Razor Blades?

A: Different safety razor blades will provide different shaving results for the individual using them. For that reason it's recommended that you try a blade sampler pack so that you can "Test Drive" various blades until you land on a blade that provides  a satisfactory shave for you.
Keep in mind that a blade that works well for someone else may not be the cat's meow for you,  and vice versa.
The blades you mentioned Derby, Shark, and Big Ben, are generally considered to be smooth and mild.
By the way, a good rule of thumb is this: You should be able to accomplish between 4 and 6 shaves with any one of those blades.
YMMV: Your mileage may vary based on your beard type, shave prep, and shaving technique.

Q: Can you shave everyday with a straight razor or is it irritating?

A: Sure, you can shave everyday with a straight razor...
That's how they did it before safety razors were invented.
Think about it...
What will irritate your face more? Shaving with one super-sharp blade contacting your skin and slicing the whiskers off cleanly with no pulling or tugging, or dragging 3, 4, or 5 blades across your face, with some blades pulling the whiskers and the others following behind and cutting them?
2 strokes=10 Blades....3 strokes =15 blades being dragged across your face.....
It makes sense that the fewer blades which are coming in contact with your beard translates to less of a chance for irritation.
Plus, no cartridges to dump in the land fill.
Good for your face, good for the environment!

Friday, December 9, 2011

Q: I have trouble shaving under my nose getting too close to my nose with the blade, any tips?

A:   Try pushing your nose up and to the left, shave that area, then push it up and to the right and shave that area from north to south.
 Start with the razor just under the nose and scoop downward toward the bottom of the upper lip.
Then turn the razor sideways and go across the grain both ways under the nose..
Flatten your upper lip as you shave across it.
Run the corner of the blade just under your nose without hitting the philtrum (attaches your nose to your lip) or nostril.
Basically any facial contortion or movement you can perform to get your nose out of the way of the razor so that you can shave under it will get the job done.
It also helps if you can look into a 5X magnification mirror as you are shaving the area under your nose. This will allow you to see the blade up close and personal as it navigates its way across that area.
Hope that helps...
Have A Great Shave Have A Great Day   

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

I have a very prominent adams apple and always find it extremely difficult to shave the adams apple area of the neck without cutting myself. Any tips?

I salute your prominent Adam's Apple, you should be proud of it!
OK, Two effective ways to navigate the troublesome Adam's Apple while shaving.
First Method: Pull the skin over the apple to one side.... shave across that area and release. If need be,  pull the skin to the other side, shave across that area and release.
Second Method: Swallow, hold that pose long enough to shave across the area, then release and you're all good!
Try one method or perform them both! Your Adam's Apple will Thank you!