Friday, December 9, 2011

Q: I have trouble shaving under my nose getting too close to my nose with the blade, any tips?

A:   Try pushing your nose up and to the left, shave that area, then push it up and to the right and shave that area from north to south.
 Start with the razor just under the nose and scoop downward toward the bottom of the upper lip.
Then turn the razor sideways and go across the grain both ways under the nose..
Flatten your upper lip as you shave across it.
Run the corner of the blade just under your nose without hitting the philtrum (attaches your nose to your lip) or nostril.
Basically any facial contortion or movement you can perform to get your nose out of the way of the razor so that you can shave under it will get the job done.
It also helps if you can look into a 5X magnification mirror as you are shaving the area under your nose. This will allow you to see the blade up close and personal as it navigates its way across that area.
Hope that helps...
Have A Great Shave Have A Great Day   

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