Saturday, April 28, 2012

Blog Pics


  1. All images looking good and especially with tools.

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  2. Hi Geo,

    I am finally moving back to a DE Safety Razor after nearly 40 years of disposables!

    So I have two questions for you:

    1. What are your thoughts regarding shaving while taking a shower (with a Safety) ...and

    2. I have a relatively light beard and I usually shave every day. Please recommend a good razor / blade combo.

    Thanks in advance.

    :harry in Nor Cal.

  3. GEOOO,
    How you doing. I have a question for you with a picture to describe what I am talking about. I am fairly new to DE shaving (about 4 months). Sometimes I get a really good shave, but i have to go superrrr slow. However most of the time I end up with this:

    Not cuts, is this irritation? My neck is extremely difficult to shave with DE blades and I always end up bleeding. I'm not even going against the grain!


    1. Hey man I know I'm not Geo, but I did notice something. I had the same problem and I noticed the hair on your neck is about the same as mine. It looks to me like it's growing up and out kind of towards the ears. I was shaving down my neck and didn't even realize that I was actually going against the grain. I started shaving down my neck and under my chin just to where the hair stopped growing down, then shaving from the bottom of my neck up to the point that my hair stopped growing in that upward and out angle. It may even help to shave up and outward the same way the hair grows. That is my first pass and for my second I do shave down all the way going slow and easy on my neck and I get great results. I hope this helps and if not maybe Geo has a better answer. Good luck

  4. I am woundering if someone could tell me what is the best to start out with. I currently purchased a safety razor and am interested in trying a straight razor. Does anyone have any suggestions as far as to what type to start with? Should I start with a shavette or just get a good straight razor?

  5. Hey Geo,

    I just purchased the new Tradere safety razor and I love it. I was wondering if there is any chance of you doing a review video on it anytime in the future. I do know that as of now it is not sold on your website and I suspect that me a prerequisite to you doing a review video, but if not I would love to see one. I also think it's great to finally see an American made DE razor hit the market and a damn fine one at that. I know there initial product is a bit on the expensive side, but trust me, this thing is a work of art. No, I do not work for them but I am definitely all for getting the only American made safety razor the support it needs and I think you have an excellent opportunity to do just that. Thanks for all the vids you have done and I never thought I would find myself watching another man shave but they have been a great help.

  6. Geo,

    I really appreciate all your time and effort in your instructional videos, you do a fabulous job!! They're very much too the point and very clear; is it possible for you to post a video on honing a straight razor with a wet stone? Maybe you already have and I just haven't seen it uploaded? Thanks man.

  7. Thanks for your Blog about Shaving.

    I recently found a business called (Aussie Shave) that allows you to make low price subscriptions so that cheap high quality razor's will arrive to your door step each month so you don't have to worry about buying them! It's something that annoys me, I figured you might be interested since this is a shaving blog :)

  8. Strops:


    I started out with a strop that is not of the best quality. I just got a new Dovo from you and would like to be sure I am using a strop of sufficient quality for such an enjoyable razor. Is there a strop that is you favorite that you might recommend?


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  10. My husband lived in Europe the majority of his life and would always go to the barber shop for a shave. He prefers shaving with a straight razor over a regular razor. Do you know where I can buy him a straight razor?

    Mia |

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