Thursday, May 26, 2011

How Do I Maintain A Traditional Folding Straight Razor? What is Involved?

If you use a Boker, Dovo, Thiers-Issard, Edwin Jagger, or other traditional solid blade folding straight razor, you will notice that after several shaves, the blade will start tugging on your whiskers as opposed to slicing cleanly through them.
Once you become an accomplished Straight Razor Shaver, you will recognize this feeling right away.
A sure signal it's time to break out your sharpening stones, is when you feel your eyes begin watering while you're shaving...
A reasonable rule of thumb is that you will likely need to perform a touch up honing on your razor somewhere between every 4 and 6 shaves.
Keep in mind YMMV, Your Mileage may Vary depending upon your beard and face prep.
Stropping is also required to line up the edge on your straight razor prior to shaving.
If you are not interested in honing or stropping, you can opt for a replaceable blade Folding or Non-Folding Straight Razor made by Feather, or a Shavette style Folding Razor that requires no honing. stropping, or other maintaining...
Written by Geofatboy

Below is my instructional video regarding stropping a traditional straight razor:

Below is my video using a Feather No-Sharpen Straight Razor / No Honing or Stropping Required.

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  1. On the ShaveNation site you sell a variety of stones. If I were to invest in only one which would be the most practical or needed. Would the paddle hone with white Arkansas stone be sufficient for my honing requirements?
    Or is a more dedicated stone like a Norton Water or Naniwa still required?
    Please reply, TQ :)