Sunday, November 13, 2011

How do you store your razor blades between uses, how do you dispose of them when they get dull?  Thanks

I remove my DE blade from my razor after each shave and attach it to my Shave Nation Magnet.
This keeps them safely stored inside my medicine cabinet out of harm's way, yet within easy reach.
After 4-6 shaves, I have various blade banks to deposit them in.
Or go "Old Skool" and cut a slot in the back of your medicine cabinet (like they had in the 50's) and drop your used blades into the void in the wall. DE blades have a very small footprint, thus take up very little space.
I recently read that 11 million disposable razor cartridges are tossed in land fills every day.... ridiculous.
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  1. Is there a benefit to removing the blade after each shave?

  2. it allows the residual moisture to evaporate off the blade and not be trapped in your razor and potentially lead to corrosion.

  3. how did cut a slot in the back of your medicine cabinet?

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